Metal Medal Factory

We have a variety of medals ranging from gold, silver and bronze to color and custom insert medals. All medals are so easy to customize with you choice of attached ribbon ,for a little extra, personalized engraving on the back. Our business is Sports medal, judo medal, marathon medal, military medal, olympic medal and personalized tokens.

soft enamel gold medal

Soft Enamel Gold Medal

soccer game champions league medal

Soccer Game Champions League Medal

school medal

School Medal


Russia Customized Metal Medal

running medal

Running Medal

rectangle sliver medal

Rectangle Sliver Medal

race sliver medal

Race Sliver Medal

Prince and princess Decorable medal

Prince and princess Decorable Medal

organization Anniversary medal

Organization Anniversary Medal

montrose customized metal

Montrose Customized Metal

monkey metal medal

Monkey Metal Medal

Medal of activities in Italy

Medal of Activities in Italy

Highline school medal

Highline School Medal

hard enamel medal of honor

Hard Enamel Medal of Honor

Gold Star Hero award Medal

Gold Star Hero Award Medal

gold sport award medal

Gold Sport Award Medal

enamel metal medal

Enamel Metal Medal

dragon Chinese award medal

Dragon Chinese Award Medal

die cast custom medal

Die Cast Custom Medal

customized zinc alloy soft enamel medal

Zinc Alloy Soft Enamel Medal

custom sports zinc alloy medal

Custom Sports Zinc Alloy Medal

custom Memorial gold medal

Custom Memorial Gold Medal

Cooking competition medal

Cooking Competition Medal

club medal

Club Medal

clown medal for sale

Clown Medal for Sale

2009 FGB metal medal

2009 FGB Metal Medal

1965 KVD big medal

1965 KVD Big Medal

zinc alloy soft enamel medal

Zinc Alloy Soft Enamel Medal

swimming award medals

Swimming Award Medals

sport olympic medals

Sport Olympic Medals

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