LEGO Brand Cooperation Case


Lego group is a Danish family toy company and manufacturer of lego bricks.

In 2017, a British foreign trade company sent us an email. The customer Luke said they knew from the website that we have Disney and NBCU certification and asked if we can help him produce a number of medals. Then the customer let us send the report the Disney certification to him.

lego medal

We sent the report to the customer as soon as we received the email, and the customer thought that our report was perfect. The customer sent us an inquiry of quantity 100000pcs,and we replied him with quotation within 30 minutes. After receiving the price, the customer thought that our price was a bit high and asked if we could get cheap. We immediately told him that all our materials are 100% original,Eco- friendly material, and our products were shipped after 10 times of QC.



 Moreover, he has a large number and the delivery date was very urgent. We also promised that we can deliver to him on time. After seeing the guarantee and advantages, he immediately arranged deposit for us, hoping that we can start producing immediately without sample shipping. Our sales immediately sent the order to the workshop and informed all supervisors in the workshop to prioritize this order. After 25 days, we completed the goods 5 days earlier, the guests were very satisfied, and immediately paid the last payment before we shipped the goods out. In 2018, the guest also asked us to do a SQE certification, specifically for LEGO orders, we also made this certification according to the customer’s request. In this year, the customer placed 10 orders, and listed us as the ONLY supplier of LEGO ON Medal, keychain, badge, ribbon and challenge coins .


SQE certification

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