Honoring Service: Why Custom Military Medals are the Perfect Tribute

Honoring Service: Why Custom Military Medals are the Perfect Tribute

Our military men and women put their lives on the line every day to protect our country, and it’s essential that we honor their commitment. Custom Crafts custom military medals are an excellent way to pay tribute to our brave soldiers’ service, sacrifice, and dedication. Whether they have served in combat or upheld peacekeeping missions worldwide, these medals symbolize courage, valor, and patriotism. In this blog post, we’ll explore why custom military medals are the perfect tribute for honoring our service members while highlighting some of the most popular designs used today.

Reflect the Recipient’s Military History

Consider the recipient’s military background and significant contributions. Consult their commanding officer or close personnel who knew them well during their time in service for insights and information.

Honor Accomplishments and Achievements

Consider a design that appropriately reflects the recipient’s military record. For example, if they are a decorated combat veteran, incorporate combat medals or insignia into the design. If they served in humanitarian roles, such as disaster relief, consider a design that recognizes their bravery and dedication in these areas.

Ensure Legibility and Durability

Military medals are meant to be cherished and displayed. Opt for designs that are easily readable and durable when worn as jewelry or displayed on clothing. Avoid intricate details and small text that may be difficult to replicate accurately. All-encompassing symbols or logos can enhance legibility and branding potential.


Custom military medals are a meaningful tribute to honor the service of our military men and women. By designing a custom medal that reflects the recipient’s accomplishments, you can create a lasting token of appreciation for their dedication and sacrifice. Trust Custom Crafts to assist you in designing and creating a custom military medal that pays homage to the bravery and patriotism exhibited by our service members.

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