Enhance Your Brand Recognition with Custom Race Medals

Enhance Your Brand Recognition with Custom Race Medals

Custom racing medals are effective tools for boosting brand recognition as well as being symbols of success. At Custom Crafts, we provide a variety of custom race medals that let you promote your business while celebrating the achievements of competitors. We assist you in leaving a lasting impact with our unique designs and skilled craftsmanship. Let’s look at some of our most popular medal choices and see how Custom Crafts can strengthen your brand.

High-Quality Custom Medals

Cambirdge School Medal: Tailored to Your Specifications

Our Cambirdge School Medal offers unique features and customization options to amplify your brand. The medal showcases an embossed logo design and intricate metal lines, adding a touch of sophistication. With Custom Crafts, you can personalize the Cambirdge School Medal with enamel colors, plating, and ribbon choices that align perfectly with your brand identity. This level of customization ensures that each medal reflects your brand image and leaves a lasting impression on recipients.

Anti Bronze Medal: Uniquely Striking

Make a statement with our Anti Bronze Medal, which stands out with its unique finish. Featuring an embossed SPL&FBF logo and text, this medal exudes elegance and creativity. The anti bronze plating gives it a distinct and eye-catching appearance that sets it apart from traditional medals. Personalize the Anti Bronze Medal with your logo, text, enamel colors, plating, and ribbon options to create a truly bespoke piece that represents your brand in a remarkable way.

Athletic Medal: Crafted for Excellence

Our Athletic Medal is designed to capture the spirit of sporting achievements. Cast from quality zinc alloy and finished with polished silver, this medal radiates class and excellence. With customizable options including text, enamel colors, plating, and ribbon, you can tailor each medal to align with your brand aesthetics. Whether it’s a marathon, basketball tournament, or any athletic event, our Athletic Medal will help you celebrate greatness while promoting your brand.

Antique Silver Medal: Timeless Elegance

The Antique Silver Medal offers timeless appeal and grandeur. With its big size and beautiful silver plating, it becomes a showpiece that embodies the spirit of your event or organization. The clear epoxy dome adds depth and enhances the overall elegance of the medal. Personalize the Antique Silver Medal with your logo, text, enamel colors, plating, and ribbon choices to create a truly unique piece that reflects your brand’s values and style.

Our Advantages at Custom Crafts

At Custom Crafts, we take pride in our advantages that set us apart:

– High-quality products: We use state-of-the-art equipment and the best raw materials to ensure exceptional quality in every custom race medal we produce.

– Tailored customization options: Our goal is to create medals that perfectly represent your brand. With our wide range of customization options, we can bring your vision to life.

– Efficient production process: With our well-established production process and management system, we ensure timely delivery without compromising on quality.

– Competitive pricing: We offer fair pricing for our high-quality custom race medals, making them accessible to brands of all sizes.

– Excellent after-sales service: Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the sale. We provide comprehensive after-sales support, including product repair, maintenance, and exchange.


In conclusion, Custom Crafts offers custom race medals that go beyond recognition—they enhance your brand. From the distinguished Medal of Freedom to the timeless Antique Silver Medal, each medal is an opportunity to showcase your brand and create a lasting impression. Partner with Custom Crafts today and discover how our expertise can elevate your brand recognition through custom race medals.

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