We were very excited when we received this email because Disney is a diversified multinational media group based in Burbank, California. Disney is the second largest profit-making media company in the world. Mainly purchase gifts, souvenirs, etc., So we replied to Disney immediately that we are very willing to do our best to meet their requirements.as the same time , we immediately organized a meeting of our quality department,started preparing everything for the Disney audit.Within 30 days, we finished in preparing all the materials certified needed, and also finished in reorganizing the facilities and equipment of the workshop. The customer also successfully submitted the application for inspection to Disney.

On April 16, 2012, we CUSTOM CRAFTS FACTORY successfully passed the Disney certification.

In May 2012, the customer sent 5 Disney badges and keychains for inquiry. After the quotation, the customer was very satisfied with our price and asked us to make samples. After 7 days, the 3 pcs samples was ready and sent it to our customer. Then he started to confirm the sample with Disney and sent it to SGS for a test.15 days later, sample was confirm and also passed the test. The customer immediately notified us to start the mass 30 thousands pcs production and asked us to finish within 30days.We completed the mass production on the 25th day and then notified the customer to arrange the third party to inspect the goods. The inspection passed smoothly and we immediately arranged the products to ship out.

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