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custom dice

Designed with incredible detail to capture your logo. Thanks to our specially designed dies that provide a highly contoured look and feel. Whether you want Belt Buckle, Dice , Bottle Opener...

Custom logo metal crafts  are as individual as the people, business organizations, and companies who order them. Here’s a shortlist of some of the many clients who order from us frequently:

  • Universities, colleges, and schools
  • The armed forces
  • Police and fire departments
  • Ranchers, cowboys and horse riding enthusiasts
  • Metal Crafts collectors
  • Motorcycle and truck enthusiasts
  • Sports and athletic teams
  • Comic or superhero enthusiasts
custom belt buckle

Custom Belt Buckle

custom enamel dice

Custom Dice

custom bottle opener

Custom Bottle Opener

custom cufflinks

Custom Cufflinks

Types of Belt Buckles

 If you’re looking for a quality, value, product for your club membership, corporate presentation, promotion, ceremony, fundraiser, wedding, or just for a fun giveaway – our custom Belt Buckles are an incredible choice.

All our Belt Buckles are completely manufactured for you at our state of the art factory. Our team of true artists and craftsmen look at every custom Buckle design with fresh eyes. So your custom Belt Buckle order is unique and personal. We work with your logo, your photo – (yes, we can turn photographs into three dimensional Belt Buckles!)

Customized Dice are dice that have already been made that then have your custom design laser etched onto one or more faces. You are not doing custom colors/shapes, and the customized faces are not fully beveled, but instead the design is laser etched into the surface so it doesn’t sit as deeply as molded dice. You can get dice customized in small quantities, including just a few dice, for reasonable prices per die. The cost will, of course, be higher than the retail price of dice, and large quantities don’t get much of a price break. You are limited to the colors of stock dice that the manufacturer has available.
Custom Dice are dice using custom molds. With a custom mold the dice can include any kind of design, number of faces, fully beveled, and any get combination of dice color and inking color. This is the method required if you want a unique size or number of faces on the dice. There are substantial set-up costs and you must print very large quantities.

Custom Unique Dice
custom bottle openers

Our customizable bartender bottle openers (aka speed opener, popper, flat, blades, church keys, bar keys, or mambas) make great custom gifts for someone special, a way to personalize your bar tools on the job, or can be an incredible avenue for broad advertisement. With your choice of either screen printing or full color printing capabilities, you can opt for a clean professional look, or even have your own full color photograph to be printed right on the opener.

Not only will your brand be kept on display for many years it will also be exposed on social occasions. Get every party started by popping the lid off your drink with one of our promotional bottle openers. Designed to be kept on show at all your social events, these are perfect for getting noticed. Stick it onto your fridge, pop them on your keys or stash them behind your bar, branded bottle openers can be found almost everywhere. Due to their purpose, they’re sure to get plenty of attention at all your customers social events.

We are proud to be the manufacturer of a comprehensive line of custom products, including cufflinks, lapel pins, tie bars, earrings, pocket squares, socks, and so much more.

Custom cufflinks and other personalized accessories are perfect for your special upcoming event, heading up your corporate style guide, and also a unique gift!

let us create your best pairs of company branded cufflinks, engraved cufflinks and custom bespoke accessories for any special occasion or milestone event.

custom engraved cufflinks

Video of Metal Crafts

The Display of Other Metal Crafts and Place Order

Tell us your ideas, a rough design is enough.Any crafts can be customized to any shape to tailor to your logo and design.There are vary logo crafts options for you — Hard Enamel ,Soft Enamel , Printing, Epoxy. We not only have lapel pins,medals,keychains and coins,but also belt buckle,dice, cufflink ,bottle opener and so on. You surely could find what you want !

4 sided dice

4 Sided Dice

6 sided dice

6 Sided Dice

Black Nickel with Pink

Black Nickel Dice with Pink

6 sides colorful dice

6 Sides Colorful Dice

Enamel Dice Set

Enamel Dice Set

20 Sided Dice collection

20 Sided Dice Collection

Gold Belt Buckle

Gold Belt Buckle

Belt Buckle for Men

Belt Buckle for Men

Hard Enamel Belt Buckle

Hard Enamel Belt Buckle

Belt Buckle for Sale

Belt Buckle for Sale

Octopus Belt Buckle

Octopus Belt Buckle

soft enamel belt buckle

Soft Enamel Belt Buckle

Customized Belt Buckle

Customized Belt Buckle

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