The personalized lapel pins are made from Custom Crafts, which takes the top-of-the-line enameling and plating to ensure your enamel pins stand out. Create a pin that is unique to your brand with unlimited color options, custom engraving, and even glitter or glow-in-the-dark enamel. Manufacturing custom enamel lapel pins is what we do best, and each is hand-crafted and perfect.

Personalized Lapel Pins

hard enamel pin

soft enamel pin

Rainbow plating badge

Glitter badge

The Display of Pins and Place Order

Custom lapel pins are perfect for any company, association or event. Whether you need a lapel pin for trade shows, giveaways, employee appreciation, or find a custom military badge to honor your service, our pins make a great impression. We’re happy to design and produce the perfect custom lapel pin for your organization or for your next event. Our business is the metal badge, Paint badge, name badge, animal lapel pin, 3d lapel pin, and personalized tokens.


Baseball soft enamel pin

Fox hard enamel pin

Empower soft enamel pin

Mushroom soft enamel pin

Butterfly soft enamel pin

Camera soft enamel pin

Baseballgame soft enamel pin

Ice hockey soft enamel pin

The Lion King soft enamel pin

10.Honor 3D lapel pin

Honor 3D lapel pin

Spotted dog hard enamel pin

Team soft enamel pin

City soft enamel pin

Dog hard enamel pin

Tiger Enamel Pins

Soft enamel pin

Leaf soft enamel pin

Chess soft enamel pin

Football hard enamel pin

Market soft enamel pin

compare the pin and product

Compare Our Enamel Pin Mockup

  • Custom lapel pins available for any company, association or event.
  • Committed to manufacturing high-quality enamel pins since 2008.
  • 14 material finishes and colors available.
  • 8 types of backing hardware to choose from, 21+ enamel colors to customize your pin.
  • 12 add-ons and upgrades available to make your pin unique.
  • Affordable pricing forcheap custom lapel pins.
  • Personalized lapel pinsand custom military badge options are available
Video of Enamel Pins

Yeah! We fully recommend that you have a back stamp to protect yourself and your designs. 

We know you’re super eager to get them in your hands, but good things take time so here’s a rundown:

Create Mold

3-4 Days

Die Struck, Cut, Weld Back Nails

(Die Cut Zinc Alloy)

3-4 Days



6-5 Days



1-2 Days



Silver, Gold


1-2 Day

2-4 Days


Simple Colour

Complex Colours


3-4 Days

6-7 Days

Quality Checking & Packaging

3-5 Days


2-3 Days

Additional services, for example, screen printing will add to the timescale.

Please also take into consideration shipping time.

You can check out with PayPal, we also accept Credit/Debit Card payments

Sure, you can, but it’s totally not worth it! For not much extra you can get 100 pins. The more you order, the cheaper they get.

How to Make Custom Enamel Pin Order

Step 1 Design the Style and Pattern of Pins

The design can be from the customer's design page to the manufacturer's design. If the customer's design does not meet the processing requirements, the changes are unreasonable for the customer to confirm, generally using CDR files.

Step 2 Make the Pin Mold

Import the calculated badge into the engraving machine program with cdr for mold engraving. After the mold is engraved, the mold must be heat treated to enhance the hardness and durability of the mold.

Step 3 Emblem Pressing

Install the mold on the workbench of a punching machine or hydraulic press, and transfer the pattern to the metal material.

Step 4 Blank and Punch Pins

Make a knife mold of the pin shape firstly, and use a punch to flush the product according to its shape.

Step 5 Polish th Pins

After the badge is blanked, the stamped shape burrs are removed to improve the smoothness of the badge surface.

Step 6 Electroplate the Enamel Pins

Customized badges are electroplated according to customer requirements. The surface of the badges can be plated with gold, silver, nickel, copper, etc.

Step 7 Receive the Pins

Pack the produced badges according to the customer's requirements, and consign the badges or send them to customers in logistics.

police badge -proof
police badge

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