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custom keychains

Get staff and customers carrying your logo with them wherever they go with custom keychains. Small, practical and simple to create, personalised keychains are a popular promotional product. Here at Promotique, you’ll find a wide variety of promotional keychains in different styles


Custom Metal Keychains

Customized keyrings are great promotional items for a wide variety of businesses and organizations.Craftscustom has been in the custom metal keychain business for 12 years. We apply the same high-quality standards, processes, and materials that we use for eco-friendly metal materials to customize our metal keychains.

Soft enamel keychains

soft enamel keychains

2D&3D keyrings

2D & 3D Keyrings

Die Stamp 3D Keychains

Die Stamp 3D Keychains

Bottle Openers keychains

Bottle Openers keychains

Custom Shapes Keyrings

Custom Shapes Keyrings

company logo custom keychains

Custom Company Logo Keychains

Using the Pantone Matching System, we can match over 2,000 different colors, ensuring that your keychain comes out looking the way you want it. With PMS colors, we can offer you the classic solids, pretty pastels, bright neons, shiny metallics, glittery sparkles, and even glow in the dark keychains

Customized keyrings are great promotional items for a wide variety of businesses and organizations. They are a fun and functional approach to marketing yourself or commemorating an event.

How to Make Custom Engraved Keychains Order

Step 1 Mold Manufacturing

When designing the mold, it is necessary to comprehensively analyze the structure of the die and castings, be familiar with the operation process of the machine, understand the possibility of adjusting the machine and process parameters, grasp the filling characteristics under different conditions, and consider the method of mold processing and drilling Only after the fixed form can we design a mold that is practical and meets the production requirements. Of course, the mold pattern can be finely carved according to different designs.

Step 2 Die casting

The main characteristics of die casting that distinguish it from other casting methods are high pressure and high speed. The molten metal fills the cavity under pressure, and crystallizes and solidifies under higher pressure. The common pressure is 15-100MPa. The molten metal fills the cavity at a high speed, usually 10-50 meters per second, and some can exceed 80 meters per second (the linear velocity of the cavity through the inner gate—the inner gate speed), so the molten metal is filled The molding time is extremely short, and the cavity can be filled in about 0.01-0.2 seconds (depending on the size of the casting).

Step 3 Stamping

According to the temperature during stamping, there are two methods: cold stamping and hot stamping. This depends on the material's strength, plasticity, thickness, degree of deformation and equipment capabilities, etc. At the same time, the original heat treatment state and final use conditions of the material should be considered. Through the pressure of the machine, the upper and lower molds squeeze the plates between the molds to a certain pressure, and the mold patterns are deeply imprinted on the plates.

Step 4 Receive the Keychains

Pack the produced keychains according to the customer's requirements, and consign the keychains or send them to customers in logistics.

Kitty keychain-proof
Kitty keychain

Video of Engraved Keychains

FAQ on Custom Engraved Keychains

Once you are sure of your design is sent to production, a mold or stamp will be created, depending on the style you’ve decided to manufacture. Color and plating will be added according to your design, and in some cases, backgrounds will be sandblasted to give your design a refined finish.

Upon the completion of your order, usually after only a couple of weeks, your order is shipped to your requested destination. Standard shipping time should be expected and considered, especially if your order has an impending deadline.

It all starts with a sketch. Work with our graphic artist to figure out the best way to bring your sketch to life in a thoughtful and intentional manner. Choose between the many variations listed above, asking questions along the way to ensure you get exactly what you’re after. We will create a digital proof that will include your design ideas. There is no charge for creating your proof and we offer unlimited revisions.

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