Coca Cola Brand Cooperation Case

Coca Cola Brand Cooperation Case

Coca Cola company, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, is a multinational producer and distributor of non-alcoholic beverages and the world’s first cola brand.

In 2017, our company received an inquiry from a US customer who said that they wanted to make a Coca-Cola badge  and asked that whether we have a Coca-Cola certificate or not. We replied to the customer that don’t have Coca-Cola certificate at that time. If he need certificate, we can cooperate with him to pass the certificate .

EDEX 4P and BSCI certification

At the same time, we also tell customers that we have SEDEX 4P and BSCI certification which allow us to produce Coca-Cola products, the we send the report to the customer. The guest replied that he need to confirm with Coca-Cola and reply to us. After 3 days, the customer replied that we could produce their products, and then sent a lot of designs to quote. After receiving the price, he think out price is OK and permitted  us starting the production.

Coca-Cola badge 1
Coca-Cola badge

A sample came out a week later, and we took pictures to the customer and immediately ship it out by DHL. The guest was very satisfied after receiving the sample. Then he sent an email to inform us that we can produce large goods. So far, our customers have given us many orders every month.

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